We are Love

Weddings are the most magical and special event of peoples life.

It’s a time that friends and family all come together to celebrate SO MUCH LOVE! It’s a thought that makes us quiver with excitement.

Love Specs are the perfect addition to your wedding as they magnify the LOVE that is all around.   They wow, shock, delight and connect people, making wedding guests who don’t even know each other fall in love!

We provide two types of Love Specs glasses, the Flip Love Specs Sunglasses and the Paper Love Specs.

We have created special White Flip Love Specs especially for weddings. Flip Love Specs make perfect gifts for the Bride and Groom, friends and family. The Paper Love Specs make wonderful, unique table favours.

Having Love Specs at your wedding you are directly supporting communities in Malawi and improving the lives of hundreds of  individuals.

To find out more about the Charity Love Support Unite click here

You could even come and volunteer on your honeymoon!

#Together WE ARE LOVE