Festival Season 2018 is Well Underway with Junkyard Golf Club!

Festival Season is well underway this year and we’re seeing some fantastic photos of LoveSpecs!

Love Pixies from Junkyard Golf ClubFestival Season in the United Kingdom is a huge series of events for LoveSpecs and the Love Pixies. It’s hard for us to get around all of the festivals so this year we teamed up with Junkyard Golf Club.

Sophie and her Love Pixies have done an amazing job so far with amazing photographs flying around on social media and great video of the events as well. Check out the imprints on our ‘Inspire Me’ page and relive the festivals like Gottwood, Love Box and Noisily to name but a few.

We want LoveSpecs to be at every festival so we’re looking for partners that complement our brand LoveSpecs as we just can’t make it to every festival.

We would supply stock and support and add a charitable story to your own.
If you’d like to talk to us about this opportunity please email our General Manager, jane@lsufoundation.co.uk