On the 1st December 2015 an incredible thing happened. A school block was opened in Malawi that will educate 200 children. 200 children will have a safe place to learn who were previously taught outside in the dust under the hot sun. The school block was funded through Rudimental's support for Love Specs and Love Support Unite! This is the story of a Rudimental love affair.

Rudimental first discovered Love Specs at Bestival 2014 when introduced to them by a friend. When Piers, Amir, Kesi and Locksmith heard the story behind Love Specs and discovered that 100% of the profits go to Love Support Unite’s community focussed sustainable development projects in Malawi, they fell in love and ordered personalised Rudimental Love Specs for their merchandise stands.

In summer 2015 Rudimental decided to join us in fighting extreme poverty in Malawi. They gave away over 10,000 pairs of paper Love Specs to their fans at the inaugural Wild Life festival in Brighton, raising £8,000 to build a school block at Mkhunku school! They also did the same at the 2016 Wild Life festival.

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The Rudimental school block is the 3rd block at Mkhunkhu, and will enable the local community to educate a total of 800 children from extremely poor backgrounds. Rudimental’s generosity has blown the Mkhunku community and us away. They have changed lives forever!

Piers Agget from Rudimental says, “We support Love Support Unite because they are an honest charity who work from the grassroots up. They help build schools and provide energy and resources in a place like Malawi where they are needed most.”

We say, “Rudimental are love!”

All of this has been possible because of the power of Love Specs. Love Specs are heart-shaped love-tinted diffraction glasses that turn points of light into fractal rainbow hearts!

They make the most incredible gifts and the best thing of all; 100% of Love Specs profits go to combatting extreme poverty in Malawi, making them FULL OF FESTIVE CHEER!

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With Love Xx #YouAreLove


If you would like more information regarding this story, please visit the Love Support Unite Press Zone for access to our Rudimental press pack and media centre.