Festival season is a magical time of year! The Summer is here, BBQ’s are lit, our #LovePixies are out and about, holidays are looming and it seems the days are endless.

We’d like you to help us spread the love this year by telling all your friends about LoveSpecs and how the money you put in helps feed families, educates and provides healthcare for those less fortunate. Buying a pair of LoveSpecs makes you a donor to Love Support Unite Africa Foundation and helps us to help those in need like the children we support, the sustainable farms we build, adult education and medical outreach we provide.

Help us spread the love. Buy our LoveSpecs for friends, family, colleagues and most of all, for yourself!

Have an amazing Summer!

Upcoming Events

  1. Camp Bestival

    July 26 - July 30
  2. Bestival

    August 2 - August 5
  3. Wilderness

    August 2 - August 5
  4. Boomtown Fair

    August 9 - August 12
  5. Love Summer Festival

    August 10 - August 12