Love Specs - Paper 20 Pack

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Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Love Specs. We're growing as fast as we can and with your support helping as many children in Malawi as possible. Due to awesome unprecedented demand, we're sold out. We're working hard to get more but it could take up to 3 weeks until we can ship backorders. Contact us for more information.

Quick Overview

Our 20 pack of Paper Love Specs are ideal for smaller events and parties. At only £2 per pair you can hand them out to your guests for an extra dose of Love!

The true beauty of Love Specs lies in their universal message. They allow us a glimpse into the world we wish to see: one filled with love.

The Original Love Specs diffraction glasses turn every light into rainbow hearts. Perfect for festivals, parties, weddings and fireworks.

Love Specs are available in bulk and orders over 1000 pairs can have the frame color or branding customised Contact us for more information.