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What are Love Specs?

Love Specs turn every light into a rainbow of hearts, perfect for festivals, birthday parties, weddings and fireworks. Their beauty lies in their message. They allow us a glimpse into the world we wish to see: one filled with love.

 Love Specs have been sold on almost every continent (We're working on Antarctica!!) and have won us support from festivals such as Secret Garden Party and Glastonbury and Artists such as Rudimental. We are committed to making the best of this support and using it to make a real difference in the world.
Rudimental Love Specs Love Specs - Katy B Love Specs - Skream Love Specs - Joe Raygun
Rudimental Katy B Skream Joe Raygun

What’s behind the Specs?

Love Specs is a fundraising arm of Love Support Unite, an award winning and ground breaking charity currently based in Malawi. Love Support Unite take a new approach by simultaneously providing education, healthcare and skills training to ensure every child and young adult has the opportunity to survive, develop, grow and succeed.

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How do we do it?

We work closely with communities to develop long-term solutions local people implement and run themselves. We devised the ‘self-sustaining school’ where crops are grown to pay the teachers and feed the children, safeguarding attendance of both students and teachers alike. Amongst the many projects we provide training in building techniques, farming methods and tailoring skills and set up export channels where needed to ensure families have a stable income and secure vision of the future.


Why Love Support Unite?

Many studies highlight how some charity work can do more harm than good, making communities dependent on hand outs and damaging existing support networks. We work to strengthen communities by providing technological solutions, infrastructure and education and our aim to reach a world where every community is self-sufficient.


How Do Love Specs Support Love Support Unite?

Love Specs are part of LSU LTD working alongside the Love Support Unite Foundation. All profits are donated to help support their projects in Malawi. In addition we also provide all fundraising, event management, communications services, tech support and promotion for the charity helping them to keep costs to a minimum. . Find out more at or why not watch the videos below for an insight into the work Love Support Unite do.